The Dolly G. Arts Story

One of the dictionary answers for destiny is fortune. Was it destiny that reunited a brother and sister in mid- life under unusual circumstances? Having been separated in their adult life geographically and each going on very separate paths, a chance business engagement of a brother brings him across the miles to the area where his sister and family reside. Time spent together rekindles a sibling closeness they once shared in their youth. Visits led to discussions of a life change for both in their individual careers and soon plans for a new and exciting venture began.

GDollyFrainThe Dolly G. Arts name represents a family history.

Dolly Frain was the revered fraternal grandmother known to be a feisty character in her time. She was the wife of husband Andy Frain who founded the famed Chicago Ushering and Security Company in 1924, still in existence today nationwide. G.G. also referred to as Grandmere (Grandmother in French) was the maternal grandmother, longtime friend of Dolly, an accomplished artist in her own right and also a strong and feisty lady. Both of these women left lasting legacies for future generations and are revered today by their children and grandchildren. In their memory a company was born.



Kelly Frain Claytonmichael-new2Kelly Frain Clayton (C.F.O.) and Michael Andrew Frain (Artist/Creative Director) have combined their individual talents and skills to form Dolly G. Arts, a company producing magical designs for children, pets and adults with a theme based message to impart to the customer. Kelly who majored in accounting (University Of Arizona) and has an extensive background in the business world joins Michael (Fine Arts Degree–Iowa State University) whose versatile skills as an artist are at the core of the artwork offered for purchase.


Pat FrainPatricia Hastings Frain ( mother of Kelly and Michael) works in Editorial and Marketing for the company. She is a retired former business owner and known for her own creative talents especially as a writer. Her love of nature, animals and all whimsical creations make it fun for her to be a part of the Dolly G. Arts family company.